Why investing in training is the bedrock of successful business


Training and development within a team is the bedrock of a solid business with happy staff. And we understand the importance of investing in our talented work force so that they can achieve all they dream of within their professional lives while helping us reach our goals as a company. Senior recruitment consultant within the Orb care department, Tyla-Mae Sneap, has been with us for 20 months and shares her experience of recent sales training she completed which helped her confidence and boosted her skills.

Hi Tyla, firstly tell us a bit about why you enjoy your job?

What I enjoy most about working at Orb are the opportunities. There are always so many amazing ways to better your career. For example, I was given the fantastic opportunity to present an Award to the NHS at the Doncaster Chamber Awards this year. The thing I enjoy most about working within recruitment is that every day is different, and I am always meeting and speaking with new people. Thank you to everyone at Orb for supporting and pushing me to do better every day. I couldn't ask for a better team.

What did your recent sales training involve and how do you think it will help you progress your career?

My recent sales training focused on how to speak to clients confidently, the right questions to ask to make it the most successful call, and also how to handle any challenges. The training has helped me massively, as I have grown in confidence and find it much easier talking to potential clients. It will definitely help me progress in my career as I will be able to build my desk and be a huge part in the growth of Orb Care. I would also like to say a huge thank you to Jo Nourish who conducted our training. She has made me much more confident within all aspects of my role at Orb.

What have been the main outcomes of the training for you?

One of the main outcomes from the training is the number of new clients we have brought in since having the opportunity to take part in the training. Care has been growing non-stop, and we have built our pipeline much more. We are hitting our targets that we set and going above and beyond for both our new and existing clients.

Training and development is important to me as I believe it helps progress your career and improve your skillset within your role. There is always room for improvement and development. 

How important is it for business to invest in training and development?

Yes, really important. The training I have done helped me massively develop in my role at Orb. I have learnt so much during this time and it has pushed me to continue working towards our goals and targets. Why wouldn't you want to invest?